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Personalized Care, Memorials, and Burial Services Since 1950

Swartz Funeral Home is the caring funeral home offering tailored memorials, burial services, cremation, and advanced arrangements in Flint, Michigan. With an established tradition of care, we deliver affordable funeral planning and services with compassion. Families have relied on us for their funeral and burial preparations for more than 68 years. We work diligently to maintain the integrity bestowed upon us by the families and community we serve. When you need to plan or arrange funeral services, call (810) 230-4618 and allow our dedicated staff to assist you.

Funeral and Burial Services

  • Traditional and Graveside Services
  • Cremation and Memorial Services
  • Embalming and Body Preparation
  • Transfers and Transportation Services
  • Complete Funeral Planning Assistance

Why Choose Swartz Funeral Home?

  • Our 68 Years of Community Service
  • Our Trained and Compassionate Funeral Directors
  • Our Customized Memorials, Burials, and Funeral Services
  • Our Guaranteed Commitment to You and Your Memories

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